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The Big Daddy App

Get Big Daddy ready with the all-new pregnancy tracker for dads

The Big Daddy app is the greatest pregnancy app to hit the App Store and is designed specifically for dads. Research has shown that men who are more involved during their partner's pregnancy are more committed fathers, and also help their pregnant partner keep healthy and stress-free.

The Big Daddy keeps a weekly track on the growth of the baby, as well as providing loads of useful information on growth and development. There are over 40 original articles to guide a dad through his partner's pregnancy, filled with essential information on how he can help her and his baby stay healthy.

Bring your A-game to the changing table and get Daddy-ready now, on the App Store!



Is your baby the size of a pint of beer or the weight of a roast chicken? Keep track of your baby's development with weekly updates which contain absolutely no references to avocados or watermelons.

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