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Who We Are

New and clueless parents-to-be, Chris and Georgie, conceived Big Daddy shortly after finding out that they were expecting their first baby. After downloading all the pregnancy apps on the market, they realised that everything was tailored for mums. There was nothing really out there for dads.

They put their heads together, and decided that the world needed a fun, relevant and informative pregnancy app for dads. After all, scientific studies have shown that when fathers are engaged during their partner's pregnancy, there are huge benefits to the mental and physical health of the whole family. 

So when Chris (a doctor) wasn't mending people, he taught himself to code. When baby Freddy was born and finally learnt to nap, Georgie (who works in children's books) got writing. And a little more than nine months later, Big Daddy was born and ready to meet the world.

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